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The BIM process supports the ability to coordinate, update and share design data with the Project Team throughout the design, construction and management phases of a building's life.

Rance Booth Smith have successfully utilised BIM on live projects within the office using Autodesk Revit 2013 software, and consider BIM to be a valuable service which we can provide for our clients. As an office we have invested cost, time and resources into implementing our BIM strategy, by providing adequate staff training, setting up new protocols and replacing our IT hardware to ensure we can use the software to its full capabilities. We have also set up a BIM working group who review the BIM strategy, procedures, performance and processes to ensure we drive improvements on subsequent projects.

By modelling a project in 3D there is a reduced potential of elements of the building clashing and the Design Team working on out of date information. Thus we are in a position to monitor the 'live' design, ultimately reducing risk, cost and time on site. BIM software also enables us to produce 3D graphical representations and visuals for clients. The advantages of BIM are obvious and significant. Currently the industry is fragmented and uncoordinated and this leads to many long term inefficiencies which BIM will dramatically reduce.

The advantage of using BIM is that it enhances collaborative working at the early stages of design, which can in turn;
- Reduce rework and improve productivity
- Reduce conflicts and ‘clashes’ between design disciplines
- Provide additional analysis of design data which can improve the building's performance and efficiency, which potentially reduces the life cycle costs of the building
- Enables faster project delivery by identifying issues before the project reaches site
- Supplies the end user with a BIM model which can be used for building management

RBS are also in a unique position as we are able to integrate BIM with IES software which can enable us to dynamically simulate our projects as we design.  This provides input into optimum orientation, façade, ventilation strategy level of insulation, pay back and occupant comfort.


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