With our in house sustainability experts, we pride ourselves on our integrated approach to low cost carbon design.

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Sustainable Design

Our goal is to "reduce both financial and environmental costs through skillful, sensitive design".

Solar Analysis

We can use solar analysis to evaluate how heat gains from the sun affect a building's comfort and therefore running costs in terms of heating and cooling.

Climate and Site Analysis

Climate and site analysis can be used to evaluate the impact of the weather conditions prevailing in an area and the geographical location of a site on a proposed design.

Ventilation and Airflow Simulation

By modelling air flow through the building we can consider naturally ventilated or mix mode buildings to provide occupant comfort. We can also assess the impact of night time cooling; ultimately this can reduce build and running costs.

Facade and Glazing Design

RBS can use effective facade and glazing design to reduce energy consumption and contribute to zero-energy buildings. This can also improve the well-being of building occupants through improved thermal comfort and increased natural day-lighting.

Life Cycle Costing

RBS can provide information on Life Cycle Costing which allows informed design decisions to be determined based on:

  • Operating costs of the building during its lifetime
  • Capital costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Annual maintenance
  • Repair costs

Low to Zero Carbon Strategies

We can evaluate the impact of renewable energy in a design and provide information on emissions.

Thermal Performance

We can analyse the impact of proposed fabric construction in terms of heat transfer and retention. This is undertaken early in the design process where benefits can be maximised.

Occupant Comfort Analysis

On a room by room basis we can calculate the average maximum temperatures and CO² levels of designs to ensure occupant comfort on existing or new buildings.

Daylight Analysis

By predicting daylight we can design buildings with lower lighting demand and therefore reduce the running costs associated with this.

Energy Consumption Prediction

RBS uses software to predict a building's energy consumption. This is then used to inform the design, leading to a low/zero energy building.

Road Maps to Reducing Energy

By carrying out an analysis of existing buildings we can provide long term strategies to improve CO² emissions, thermal comfort and reduce running costs.

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