Climate Change

Whilst we have all been working away in isolation, sheltering from the pandemic efforts are being made to tackle what is likely to be an even bigger threat, climate change.
A small step in tackling this, is the update to Part L of the Building Regulations which is due later this year which aims to ensure all new homes built from 2022 will produce 31% less carbon emissions compared to current standards.
In addition, the Government’s aims to consult in 2023 about the technical aspects of the Future Homes Standard before updating the Regulations again in 2025 to ensure that all new homes will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions.  As the electricity grid continues to decarbonise the aim is that none of these new homes will be reliant on fossil fuels.
Although these measures are a step in the right direction, they could be more ambitious, the RIBA is urging the government to:
• Use ‘operational energy’ (energy used at the meter) as the principal metric for determining the energy efficiency of buildings.
• Set embodied carbon targets into building regulations.
• Close loopholes which allow homes to be built using ‘out-of-date’ regulations.
For more information see RIBA website.



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