Allan new chairman of BPF

RBS Director Allan Booth is the new chairman of Bradford Property Forum (BPF) and has taken over the running of the networking and lobby group from Chartback Developments’ Steve McManus.

Allan will lead the group for the next two years, taking charge of networking events, steering group meetings and co-ordinating the overall direction of the business group.  The Property Forum is run by West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, which also organises similar groups in Leeds and York.

Allan commented: “I’m looking forward with mixed feelings to the two years ahead.  I’m honoured that people feel that I’m worthy of the post.  It is potentially a big job and two years sounds a long time.  Steve McManus, the outgoing chair, is to be praised for all he has done".

“The delay to the core strategy, the need for fit-for-purpose housing, employment land shortages, a possible Northern Powerhouse Rail station, listed buildings…these and more are all outstanding issues in Bradford.  That said, I do feel that Bradford has turned a corner and can look forward to better times ahead.  It won’t be plain sailing, that’s for sure.  Bradfordians generally and the business community in particular need to pull together in a collaborative and cohesive way to make it happen.  The Council don’t always get it right, but they don’t always get it wrong either, and I want to forge stronger links with them so that we have a chance to contribute, rather than criticise, their policies and actions.  I look forward to working closely with the Forum’s Steering Group who collectively have an immense wealth of knowledge and the ability to make a difference to our great city.”

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